In the USA, barbecue means an event. Not just any event but a social gathering. Barbeque is just meat cooked low and slow. It is a multimillion-dollar industry of festivals, beer and bourbon, cookout competitions, and live music.

BBQ festivals are all-year-round events that hold in so many American counties, cities, and states. Activities surrounding a particular festival connect thousands of organizers, competitors, spectators, and visitors.

So many barbecue-related events such as cook-offs, festivals, and tours take place annually across America.

There are different sizes of BBQ festivals according to the number of persons involved. As many as 100 competitors and over 20,000 festivalgoers can attend just one event.

Festivalgoers can meet celebrity chefs, enjoy barbecue samples and live music, with so many interactive activities. Almost all the festivals feature distilleries serving beer and bourbon. BBQ, beer, and live music are inseparable triplets.

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